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Here is a copy of the CONTRACT you will be asked to sign:

_____If you don't bring items on hangers, you will be asked to hang your items when you arrive. If more than 50% of your items are rejected during one visit, you may not be able to consign on that day.

_____All items must pass our ABC’S Inspection.  Items that do not pass will be donated. If you request that we call you to return your items and you do not pick up your items within ONE WEEK, they will be donated, and we reserve the right to charge a $5 disposal fee to your account.

_____The Consignment CAT prices and reserves the right to reduce prices during the consignment period. After the first 20 days, the price may be reduced by 15%, 40 days - 30%. After 60 days it becomes store property and may reduce to 50%. Formals & semi-formals do not reduce in price.

_____You receive 40% of net selling price on items under $50,  50% of items $50 to $199, and 60% of items $200 and over sold during the consignment period.

_____A $10 SET-UP FEE will be taken out of your account and will show as a negative balance until your sales exceed $10.  If you remain an active consignor, we will only charge this amount one time.

_____Items are consigned for 60 days with the exception of Formals & Special Occasion which are consigned for 6 months unless you pick them up.  We do not call to remind you to pick up items at the end of your consignment period unless the starting price is $50 or more. Items priced under $50 become store property when they expire.

_____If you would like to retrieve unsold items, you may bring the items to the counter for us to remove from inventory. If you would like for us to retrieve them, we charge a $1 pull fee for each item.

_____All reasonable care will be taken with items left on consignment, but items are left at the owner's risk. The store is not responsible for damage or loss.

_____You may come in anytime to pick up money owed to you or you may request to have a check mailed. You may check your balances online. When you spend your balance in the store you get a 10% discount. Accounts over a year old without activity may be subject to the $10 per year maintenance fee.


_____I understand this agreement and agree to the terms herein.